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Objects With Use-Function

2019-2020 wood, cello and viola strings, readymade tuning pegs dimensions variable

Objects made for specific performances. LEFT: ‘Boat Harp,’ eight-stringed instrument with a resonating chamber from carved oak, and gut, tail, and bridge from elm. The thickness of the resonating chamber resulted in a very quiet, warm sound. MIDDLE: ‘Flute Mask,’ a mask from carved oak rendering its wearer blind, with a hole for the mouth and an indentation fitted for a transverse flute. RIGHT: ‘Box Viola,’ four-stringed instrument made from oak. The mask was used in the performance on the next page. Initially, the string-instruments were intended for the Hague Royal Conservatory spring festival in 2020, to be performed with scores written for them by students of the composition master programme. The performance was cancelled due to the pandemic.

objects with use-function