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Slanted House With White Wall For You to See

2020, wood, white paint, varnish, 75 x 75 x 115 cm, video, 03:19 minutes

This little house is based on a curious trend in the painting of houses in Norway during the 19th century. White paint was expensive and a signifier of wealth. People would often save money by painting only one side of their house white, the side of the house that faced the most traffic. It is a small reminder of the kind of façades we construct for other people to see. I made ‘Slanted House’ as a personalization of this, with its one white wall, leaning insecurely backwards as if to hide its unpainted sides. It was featured in a video which alternates between the white façade shown at a distance, and close-up shots of its bare sides. A score was written for alto saxophone, which grows in intensity along with the shots, reaching a climax as the house is relocated from the forest to a ‘superior,’ massive room painted fully white.